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Association of Italian manufacturers of implements

Assomao is the association in FederUnacoma which represents Italian manufacturers of implements: machinery for tilling, seeding, transplanting, fertilizing, plant treatment, irrigation, harvesting, initial processing for product conservation, for livestock raising, for movement and transport.

The purpose of the association’s activities is to provide information, assistance and services to members and represent the industries in the sector in Italy and around the world.

To these ends, Assomao maintains relations with ministries, organizations and national and European agencies for presenting and furthering the interests of the sector and contributes to the development of mechanical regulatory measures. Relations are also conducted with international associations in the category (through Cema in Europe of which Assomao is a member) for exchanges of information, trend data and forecasting and defining shared platforms.

Among the other activities of the association are: reporting data for compiling statistics and information; work aimed at internationalization and promotion on foreign markets of the production represented; the organization of specific events such as seminars in the framework of trade fairs; providing incentives for research projects which foster cooperation between member companies and research institutes; providing assistance and consultations in technical and regulatory fields.

The Italian production of implements extends across an extremely broad range of merchandise capable of providing technical solutions for crops grown in any latitude because they have been developed to meet the specific requirements of agricultural lands featuring enormous morphological variations, as is the case in Italy.